These ideas have a great ideal approximation of how we might even think of using the spine. When using the SITTS cushions, we can understand what the model ideal is, maybe we can attain that ideal with a little coaching. The idea that the suspension between the bones is present to keep the body stable is always there.The discs learn to adapt to whatever you give it.

So if you practice these ideas, maybe you can feel how you’re not tilting without the feel of suspension from your ideal presumption of how you should sit. Misalignment can happen so many ways, like tucking the pelvis under, or over exaggeration of tilting. In this video, she explains how there is a mild suspension still existing, between the joints. If your thinking is more progressive- up or a feeling of down, crunch, you’re getting a different quality in how you feel. Therefore think down or think up, produces some kind of result. Finding comfort and strength and easier mobility is really up to your perceptions. It’s just a matter of awareness.

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