How to Size

The team at SITTS believes that no one should go through life suffering from chronic neck, shoulder, or back pain. The posture your body assumes—or that you’ve trained it to assume—has both short- and long-term impact on your mood, productivity, skeletal health, and total well-being.

At the same time, we recognize that you may be a bit skeptical about how our lower back pain solutions work. After all, not many products are proven to have the natural, simple, and long-lasting results that ours are known for. To provide an easy way to find the perfect-size SITTS product for yourself and your lifestyle, check out our method for personalized lumbar back pain relief below.

Materials You Need

To start this cushion testing method, you’ll need three different-size towels: large (think shower or bath use), medium (home multipurpose use), and small (roughly hand towel size). You’ll be testing these towels with a folding method throughout multiple locations, like your car seat, kayak seats, couches, chairs, and anywhere else you normally sit.

sitts in canoe
sitts at sports events

Folding Method and How to Test

After collecting your towels, fold each of them in half twice. Next, holding two opposite corners of one of the towels, draw them together to form a wedge-like shape. Repeat this folding process with the other two towels. The towels should form a decline slope from the creases to the edges.

Next, test the folded towel wedges by sitting on them on different surfaces, such as your car seat, desk chair, kitchen table chairs, and other predominantly level surfaces. You can stack more than one towel wedge if you need additional support for any particular surface. Take care not to place the wedged side too close to the back of any seat, as the goal is to sit firmly on the back edge of the towel, not the front edge or too close to the center.

By sitting near the back, this provides the closest approximation to what using a SITTS product feels like. This also tilts your pelvis forward, which is better for spine health. While this isn’t a perfect representation of using a SITTS product, it offers realistic insight into achieving personalized lumbar back pain relief through SITTS products.

Adaptable for Your Lifestyle

SITTS is the ideal spinal and neck health solution for your lifestyle, whether you work full-time at a desk job, spend long hours in the car, or are sitting during recreational activities. From sporting events and airplane travel to canoeing and meditation, our products prevent the need to “recover” after spending time doing what you love. Our products also benefit professionals in a wide range of industries, from delivery drivers and fleet operators to office workers and educators.

Has the towel-folding method helped you identify which product may work well for you? Check out our shop today and give yourself the back, neck, and spinal relief you deserve. Great posture is just one SITTS away!