Posture Cushions Take the Pain Out of Sitting

Sitts Posture Cushion

Get Relief from Lower Back Pain

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Our back support posture cushions and lumbar support pillows are the back pain remedy you've been searching for.

 The perfect car seat support pillow and back support for office chairs!  SITTS works on any chair type including the softest sofa.   Provides lumbar support, lower back pain relief, and corrects spine posture in cars, office environments and any surface. Perfect relief cushion for sciatica pain.   Back pain relief is just a SITTS away!

office chair posture cushion

Improve Your Posture -Improve Your Life

Posture is a major factor to your overall health, affecting not only your physical body but also your  mental health.  Did you know that slouching can cause you to be grouchy?  Poor posture can cause a variety of health problems including numbness in extremities, depression, poor circulation, sciatica, back pain and cardiovascular disease.  SITTS Posture Cushions comfortably promote perfect posture without forcing your body to sit up straight.  

Less Spinal Stress - Less Back Pain

Incorrect posture while sitting can cause damage to the structure of the spine causing or worsening back pain.  Most people tend to lean or slouch when sitting putting excess stress on the spinal ligaments and discs.  SITTS Posture cushions elevate the hips at an angle the comfortably forces your body to sit up straight, keeping your spine in the proper alignment.  The habit of good posture relieves the stress caused to your back from sitting for prolonged periods in a static position.  Less stress on your back means less back pain.

spinal alignment

Reduce Muscle Stress - Increase Energy

Poor posture puts your spine out of alignment, causing the muscles to work harder to keep the body upright.  This robs the body of energy and causes fatigue.  SITTS Posture Cushions ergonomic design gently lifts the weight off of the tailbone and shifts it to the sitz bones creating a natural alignment of the spine, shoulders, ribs and head.



Here is what our customers have to say -

“was able to concentrate better at work. The back felt relief from over working and glutes felt better due to the comfort of the (SITTS™) cushion.”
Douglas Cabrera, Engineer

“The SITTS™ can be used to work for hours on my computer. It prevents’ the pain I get in my right hip!”
Charles Plumb, Senior Citizen

“SITTS™ is very comfortable, Its’ amazing! I haven’t had numbness in my legs since I started using it and my legs aren’t as restless”
Loni Symmons, Executive Assistant

“Previously, on extended drives, I would be stiff and slow moving upon exiting the vehicle, due to stiffness in my legs and lower back. After using SITTS™, I exited the vehicle feeling as loose and fresh as when I first started driving. Now, I just need to remember to grab it when my day is done”
Mark W. Weber, Park Ranger

“I found relief after riding on it in my car seat for a long period of time, when I got out of the car, I didn’t need to stand by my car as usual for 5 minutes trying to straighten out my back, I could walk away from my car and walk.”
Lorie M. , grandmother

Quite simply, this is one of the best support devices for the problem of occupational sitting that I have seen in a long time:
Unlike usual ‘back rests’ and typical lumbar contour pillows and rolls, ,  the innovative SITTS  sits UNDER the Spine –not behind it – for enabling true active support longitudinally through the spine. 
Unlike wedge inclines and pre-designed seat contours, the SITTS is designed to optimize a comfortable platform of both support and predictability – but yet also permits freedom of dynamic movement as well. This is especially true of functional inter-relationships intricately involved within the human pelvis & hips in relation to ease of breathing and head-neck orientation – multiple areas that are typically overlooked in their contribution to low back and spine problems. 
I highly recommend the SITTS support device to ergonomics consultants, individuals in need of comfort and ease while sitting, as well as a tool for therapists to optimize a platform base for transitional movement, dynamic balance, and transfer training – to reduce the deteriorating effects of our sit culture.
         Tim Sobie, PHD of Physical Therapy