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Posture Cushion

2.5″ INTEGRAL SKIN Cushion

kenjiroi 3.5 cushion

3.5″ INTEGRAL SKIN Cushion

SiTTS Posture cushion


How Does SITTS work?

SITTS™ bicycle shaped is a patented design which brings the age old wedge to a uncommon new tilt height. With unique shape it helps free hamstring pressure and increase circilation to legs and whole back.  This improved tilt will also lift the weight that distributes th forces upward instead of downward. This helps the user to feel a natural alignment of the spine, shoulders, ribs, and head. A cause and effect to downward gravity pull gives an upward relaxed perfect posture in minutes to the user willing to explore this sitting balance ease.


Proven way to correct damaging posture and feel instant relief from stress to neck, shoulders, and low back.  


Everyday use provides stronger core, better focus, and reliable spinal alignment and dynamic balance you can  develop better habits with.


Ideal in every seat, so more freedom to control your backs health throughout your day.


Back support for office chair, car seat and meditation floor.

SITTS posture cushions provides natural safe and effective back pain relief

SITTS provides a unique material made of poly-urethane foam.  Heat encased skin provides washable non slip durable skin that feels like heaven to arthritic aches and pains.
While driving, traveling or working your empowering your mood with a resilient buoyancy that feels uplifting to your focus and energy.
SITTS posture cushion can help create the much needed healing alignment to your bones through comforting memory foam like feel- same time provides a active balance medium firm support.
meditation on seat


This a unique angled heart shape sitting wedge designed patented and made in USA will help you into a blissful state with each sitting.

meditation on seat


Automatically resetting your instincts to sit right every time. Active sitting and correct posture team together to create a luxury seat that transport your senses to all day pain relief.

meditation on seat


SITTS provides a natural relaxing memory feel in a medium firm buoyant support with the only cushion providing a integral skin washable surface.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Well, these cushions saved my body… figuratively, of course. After sustaining a back issue post running, riding or driving even 30 minutes became scarily challenging, with a 21 hour drive upcoming… I found this online, and Deborah was a rock star seller, communicating with me frequently with immediacy and knowledgable responsiveness, for which I am infinitely grateful. The seat worked perfectly; I actually got the seat AND lumbar support, and used the seat cushion always, the lumbar often to almost always. I had almost NO discomfort or pain, the kind where I used to be shifting my position every couple of minutes to find relief. For 21 hours over two days, twice, this product, both products enabled me to make the trip with a happy body, back and legs… I HIGHLY recommend this product and Deborah the seller!!!

– Becki W. 

This the *only* cushion I have tried that actually provides lift at the sits bones. Over the years I have tried inflatable tube shaped supports (ok but started leaking after a while), rolled up towels (hard!), and a couple different ergonomic cushions. The cushions were fine but just don’t provide the slight forward tilt needed to provide a nice natural curve to the spine. I also like that the “integrated skin” over the foam doesn’t collect dust, pet hair, etc. And the foam is quite sturdy, but not so hard as to be uncomfortable. Really thoughtfully designed.

– Matthew P. 

I have problems sitting in regular office chairs. My muscles and spine do not align properly when sitting in them. I found that if my hips tilt, I do much better. My company just bought new chairs that do not have this function and I was having horrible back pain. After ordering this, all my muscle and alignment issues have gone away! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Might have to buy one for home!

– Kellie E. 

I bought this for my husband, who struggled with sciatica and could not find a cushion that would help him. In buying this seat, we discovered that he never needed more padding; what he needed was something to angle his body forward, easing pressure on the sensitive nerve. This did the trick!

– Vanessa