I have chronic back pain and a full time desk job – a very bad mix. I have tried different chairs, positioning, added foot rests, back supports, without relief. I recently read about the benefits of using a wedge cushion on the seat of a chair. By doing so, it aligns your body so that the shoulders stack over the hips, relieving pain. I tried two other wedge cushions before I found the SITTS cushion. They were worthless as the cushions sank to almost nothing once I sat on them (for reference I am 5’3″ and 115 lbs.) Then I found the SITTS cushion – it has made a remarkable difference in my comfort during a long day of sitting. I purchased the 4″ cushion. I would suggest flipping this cushion to the “wrong” side as the “right” side has a hard edge along the top, which is where you sit. I also purchased the foam topper, which helped soften the cushion a bit, and made it less slippery. Deborah Lee has made a quality product that really works. I have called her for advice on cushions & the topper and she was very helpful and genuinely concerned that I would have the best experience with her product.


I like this cushion for my meditation sits. I also use a more typical wedge type cushion. But this one provides a little more elevation at the rear.
One note: i’ve kept it in my car without much thought as it’s a foam cushion. I just noticed that the plastic bear the front top has cracked, undoubtedly because I failed to store it flat. I’m wondering if the front top my crack completely off, so I’ve deducted one star as it requires a little more care than i realized. But Most people wouldn’t be throwing as much stuff on top of it helter skelter as I was.

Water Dog

Due to lower back issues I must sit with my back unsupported. I can bring this to class so that I can sit straight for lectures which has made all the difference.

If you sit cross legged on the ground this is an excellent cushion, I will be buying another!


I have been sitting on the 3.25″ for 3 weeks now and I am really liking it! My chair and desk are not very ergonomically sound, and I was finding myself slouching a lot throughout the day. This was causing discomfort in my lower back and hip, as well as my chest (from being hunched over). The pad definitely allows me to sit up straighter with less effort, and has been a big improvement for long days behind the computer screen.

Prentice H.

Great cushions. I am using 2 different sizes for different chairs and chose the original fabric covered cushions with the covers. The lift is helping my neck and body feel better. Great neck relief! Well, all over relief really.


I use it for driving. My back is unusual b/c posture needs correcting two ways. This has helped me sit at a tilt for long sitting.(every day)


I had to exchange for a thinner version of this one but I am very pleased.


Firm dense structure. Offers great support and comfort.

Grace F.

This is awesome. It is uses every day to alleviate posture related back problems.


This seller is very accommodating, and I am happy with the product.


Great product for the price; would buy again in a heart beat.


This seat would have worked well if it weren’t so high. Suggest looking at other height options (which you may have to do on their site….I wasn’t aware there were height options till after I purchased it.) But if your goal is to see out of your car better, this is the seat for you. Made of high quality memory foam that I doubt would ever crush down to a much lower height.


I retired from the Army and found myself sitting behind a computer often as I managed my business. I already had back issues so I looked for something to help relieve the pain I had from sitting for many hours. I found the SITTS cushion and thought I would give it a try. After 6 months of use, I can say that it has definitely changed my posture while seated and I do believe this has had an impact on the pain I have had.

David M.

I was given this cushion as a gift because I sit at the computer for hours and keeping myself in good posture isn’t always easy. I would regularly experience back pain throughout the day and struggle to maintain the posture I needed to keep my back straight. With this cushion my back automatically aligns and stays upright. My back pain is gone and I don’t have to struggle to straighten out my back when I get up from my chair.


I’ve tried every cushion and DIY cushioning I could think of to assist me in sitting with a neutral pelvis at home and especially while in a vehicle and this is by far the only one that really works, looks great and on top of all that is easy to take take with you anywhere and easy to clean – just wipe! I love it – it’s a back saver for me and really everyone should sit with a neutral pelvis and most “comfortable” chairs and bucket seats force your pelvis into a tucked position which is the root of my and almost everyone’s back issues. Just saying…

Alexis H.

My cousin got this for me and this is amazing. Working in an office and sitting for 80% of the time at work I have noticed more and more my lower back issue. This Cushion has really does work. First day I felt a little discomfort, but just needed to get use to it. By the third day I got use to it. Within a week, I started to feel the difference. My lower back problems has nearly diminished. Although I still go to my chiropractor, it has been less and less now. I know this is my experience, everyone will have their own. What I do know is this worked for me and I am sure it will work with you.


This is the one product that has saved me from a lot of back pain and allowed me to continue to travel in spite of a disc problem. Our family has four of the 4” and two of the 2” and we can’t live without them. I use the 4” at home and work and the 2” in the car. I recommend the Sitts cushion to anyone who is dealing with back issues. They are very well made. If you have any questions the company is very responsive and helpful.


Very good product. When I sat for any length of time used to have numbness in legs. Now I have no problems. Love those car rides now.

Loni S

I had injured my low back and was having difficulty with my toes going numb. The SITTS cushion helped put my back in proper alignment and release the pressure so my toes have feeling in them.

Roxanne R