Frequently Asked Questions

What size is right for me?

SITTS is designed for all sizes and shapes.. Children and teens 70 to 120 lbs, might like the smaller 2.5” to 3.5” cushions. Elderly or wheelchair users, as well, may want to use the 2.5″ -3.5″ in both variations. If you sit in a tall chair, the smaller cushions seem to be prefered. Customers of shorter heights tend to prefer the larger cushions for the added lift.

For users that spend extended periods of time sitting, the Serene Memory Foam Pad is recommended.

How should my SITTS fit?

SITTS is designed to cradle the pelvic bone, not the soft tissue around it, and finds your sitz bones to help you find stability within your hips. Lighter framed people may like the smaller cushions as they learn more about how to use posture to their advantage before going to the larger 4 inch version. Larger framed individuals can also use the smaller sized cushions, as they are still firmly resilient and can assist your needs whatever your weight is.

First, make sure that you are sitting on top of your SITTS and not using it propped up behind you.  Your legs should sit level with your hips. If you find yourself slipping down, reposition to sit at the top edge.

Your body may need time to adjust and relax into the new posture that your SITTS cushion provides. Changing your sitting posture can cause temporary discomfort – like going to the gym for the first time.  So learn posture slowly at first as you adjust your muscles to the proper sitting habit.

What is the difference between the styles?

The only difference between the various SITTS styles is the surface material that covers the seat. Regardless of which style you choose, your new cushion will position your body in correct posture for all-day comfort.

  • Integral Skin: Comfortable waterproof covering for indoor or outdoor use. Great for office, car, bleachers or on the go.
  • Original Foam: Soft fabric covering for everyday use. Great for home, office or car. Comes in gray only, but can cover with other materials, offered on website.

Lumbar supports compliment all cushions for added support and comfort.

Memory pad is extra padding for the tush that lightens the load on the hip bones, but still has consistent support from cushion.

Does SITTS work on soft couches?

Yes. Our cushions work just as effectively on soft couches and car seats. It is important to note that when you sit down into the soft cushions of a couch, your gluteus muscles can stretch and flatten even more than they do when you sit on a hard chair. Such stretching and flattening can aggravate back pain, so it’s definitely beneficial to use your while relaxing on the couch.

When should I see results?

Many users experience immediate relief, and some require several weeks of regular use to feel the benefits of their SITTS. If you don’t feel any change when you sit on your SITTS cushion make sure you have closely followed the sitting instructions.

Can I use the SITTS cushion for exercises?

Yes, and here are some ideas gleamed from the internet.

Sittings exercise tips for core strengthening:

Using SITTS you really get a workout. Here are some popular exercises to try with your SITTS Posture Cushion.

Balanced Bicycle

  1. Sit on the floor on top of your SITTS and lean back into a bicycle sit-up position
  2. Keep your knees bent slightly and your core strong.
  3. As you pedal, try to touch the outside of your right arm to the outside of your opposite thigh while straightening your right leg.
  4. Stop in the center, then repeat on the opposite side.
  5. Repeat for at least 1 minute. Repeat for up to 5 minutes.

Lower Ab Connect

  1. Set your chair at the perfect height for optimal posture position – feet firmly planted on the floor, heels in line with knees and knees just below your hipbones.
  2. Sit upright, eyes on the horizon, hands interlaced on your ribcage. SITTS can help you achieve proper posture with less effort while you do so.
  3. Connect to your lower core by rotating your pelvis in a circular motion 3 times to the right, then 3 times to the left.
  4. Don’t let your core go during any of the rotations! You will feel a deep lower ab pull if done right.

Push and Pull

  1. Sit upright on your SITTS and tense your core.
  2. Bring your hands to your shoulders with your palms facing forward as if you’re holding pretend dumbbells.
  3. Press your fists up to the ceiling with strong, fully extended arms all while keeping your core braced and connected.
  4. Pull wide, open hands towards the ground on either side of your waist. Visualize your elbows doing the pulling down, and pinch between the lower shoulder blades at the bottom of the move.
  5. Repeat 10x.