Benefits of Sitting Support for Back Pain Relief






Are you one of the millions of Americans searching for back pain relief?  

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Benefits of Sitting Support for Back Pain Relief

After experiencing countless instances of chronic lower back pain at our desks, in the car, and at home, we knew there had to be a better way. Over the last few years, our team has perfected the science and materials necessary for optimally healthy and comfortable sitting. Read below to discover the benefits of sitting support for back pain relief.

SITTS is an innovative device naturally designed to provide sitting support for back pain relief. Our products optimize your posture and greatly reduce the stress poor posture places on your back, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Our cushions comfortably force you to sit up straight anytime you sit. The patented shape relaxes glute muscles relieving pressure and strain on the tailbone and sitz bone, while improving circulation to the legs and lower back. SITTS Posture Cushions work on any type of seats, hard or soft, including office chairs, sofas and car seats.

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“SITTS™ cushion helps to correct the deleterious effect on the lower spinal joints of prolonged sitting on a horizontal surface. As far back as 1987 AC Mandal, (Mandal, A.C.: “The Seated Man”1987) drawing on the work of Keegan in the USA, Schorbath in Germany and Akerblom in Sweden showed the advantage of a forward tilted seat. This allows the hip angle to open from 90° to 120° and the pelvis to rotate forwards, on its fulcrum at the ischial tuberosities, so that the lowest two lumbar joints are in the extended (safe, lordotic) position.”

Dr HA Sanford, MA, MB, BChir (Cantab), DPhys Med (Lond) Chief Medical Officer to OptEnCo 



»Total lumbar support extends through whole spine

»Pain-free sitting improves workdays and concentration

»Helps you regain physical activities

»Therapeutic benefits of therapy last longer

»Improved alignment and increased circulation

»Water resistant and easy to clean soft rubbery texture

»Mood and focus improvement while commuting

»Promotes faster recovery from accidents or surgeries


“After using SITTS™ cushion, I endorse the benefits it provides comfortable support through the pelvis and spine to bring back postural alignment. It decreases postural work related injuries due to poor alignment during the workday. It prevents the pelvis from going into a posterior tilt and supports the spine in the correct position to provide for mobility in all planes. Given the support it provides, the user should experience decreased fatigue during the workday or any other environment it is used.”

Judy Rosevear, Occupational Therapist
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» Herniated, Degenerated or Compressed discs

» Back injuries 

» Hip injuries

» Neck/cervical injuries

» Sciatica

» Coccydynia (sore tailbone)

» Scoliosis

» Osteoporosis

» Spinal Stenosis



The SITTS cushion has been amazing for my lower back and hip pain.  Sitting for hours in front of the computer screen has caused me back discomfort for long as long as I can remember.  Previous to using the cushion it would be difficult for me to straighten my back when I stood up after spending hours sitting at the screen and walking afterward became difficult.  Sometimes the pain would go into my legs and cause sitting to become difficult and painful if not impossible.  After using this cushion my back pain has dissipated.   I have found that while I use the SITTS cushion my back pain would never even start even during long days.  It helps me keep my back in the right posture and relieves pressure on my spine.   Posture is more important than we realize and the SITTS cushion helps to keep your spine straight thus alleviating pain that can arise after long periods of sitting incorrectly.  I'm very thankful to have it and would recommend it to anyone! 

- Brian P. - Photographer | Olympia, Wa

We hope reading about the benefits of sitting support for back pain relief has demonstrated how simple, affordable, and easy it is to attain healthy posture.

Our products are used and recommended by doctors, chiropractors, physical and massage therapists for back pain relief.

“Deborah has come up with a real winner. Realizing that most people sit all day, this cushion keeps us in balance with the pelvis being pushed forward and thus keeping the spine in better alignment. I am more comfortable at work sitting on this cushion.”

-Sheryl Isaacson, Radio Editor

"I do a lot of sitting at my computer every day. I purchased a SITTS cushion and my back feels 100% better and my posture is much better as well, preventing middle back pain as well as lower back pain. Thank you Debra Lee!"

Pam Pellegrino, Independent Distributor

“SITTS™ made me experience how I was really amazed that it could ever be that easy for me to sit that relaxed in that kind of ideal posture. I can use it for meditation as it will take the struggle out of sitting and allow me to keep my focus.”

-S. VanHorne, LMP, LPTA