Exercises like wall sits and squats serve lots of benefit in relieving pain temporarily, but the real progress for eliminating your back pain comes from learning to sit properly. Learning to sit up straight will train your spine to be better aligned, reducing the stress on your back. This is the long-term fix towards having a healthy back with heavily-reduced levels of pain.

A simple exercise that will train you to sit up straight is called the pelvic clock. All you have to do is simply rock your pelvis forward and backward, while sitting in a chair. More plainly put: sit up straight, allow your pelvis to rock forward, while your back stays in the middle. Rock back and forth as if you’re sitting on a clock with 12:00 in front of your hips and 6:00 behind. Tip your pelvis forward towards the 12, then in a straight line back towards the 6. Repeat this several times. In doing so, you are warming up your tissues to accept this and it will allow your brain to catch on to what is going on, so you can develop this new healthy habit.

Let’s revisit your old habits. While sitting on a flat chair, try the C shape, where you’re hunched forward. Doesn’t that bow your back out? However, tilting your hips forward as explained in the pelvic clock exercise allows your natural arch to elongate and lift your whole spine, while your lower back is in. These exercises if done slowly and not forcefully will loosen the back pain and may give your back more circulation. And the most important part is you’ll be adopting the great habit of learning to sit straight.

What’s great about SITTS posture cushions is that the product actually helps you find your forward tilt without your work at all. Our posture cushion enables you to sit in a perfect posture all day long, gaining a wholesome, healthy back, while avoiding the constant sitting strain of slumping. Slouching effects millions in the workplace and is a leading contributor of back pain. With SITTS posture cushions, you’ll learn to sit upright and if done consistently, your back will thrive.

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