Often we do not even consider that we are sitting on our spines making them feel as if under attack with low back pain, until we have a spasm that takes us away into breathlessness suddenly. This has happened to me, and I bet it has happened to many more. We are setting up the new spinal alignment daily with our habits. We usually don’t know how to really fix them. Until the doc says you have a herniated discs. Then we have to investigate.

Ditches are created in every office chair or car seat. I know exercises or just sitting right is not even closely going to stop the slouch unless we get something in the seat to correct it. This can help you to have a preventative source of relaxation without stress on your bones by improperly sitting everyday. Effortlessly creating a perfect spine that actually feels elongated and relaxed in a comforting corrected posture with SITTS Cushions.