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THIS is the cushion you’ve been searching for. I’ve had two lumbar fusions; the first was completely botched leaving me with misplaced hardware and one screw broken off inside my left SI and suffering considerable chronic pain over the past eleven years. I’ve been through many “support” cushions that simply do not help for one reason or another. I now own four SITTS cushions because they are that good. I have a 4″ in the car, a 3.25″ for my office chair with a 4″ firm to rest my feet on, and a 2.5″ for chairs with a smaller incline. Their shape and angle lets my legs relax forward and places my spine in a natural curve, the material is the perfect combination of soft firmness; they don’t squish flat, they yield yet hold their shape. No, this is not a paid review, these cushions have truly changed my life. Special thanks to the owner Deborah, she really cares about her customer’s well-being and always happy to help with questions and concerns.

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