Tim Sobie

PHD of Physical Therapy, ,

Quite simply, this is one of the best support devices for the problem of occupational sitting that I have seen in a long time. Unlike usual ‘back rests’ and typical lumbar contour pillows and rolls, the innovative SITTS is placed UNDER the spine—not behind it—for enabling true active support longitudinally through the spine. Unlike wedge inclines and pre-designed seat contours, the SITTS is designed to optimize a comfortable platform of both support and predictability – but yet also permits freedom of dynamic movement as well. This is especially true of functional inter-relationships intricately involved within the human pelvis & hips in relation to ease of breathing and head-neck orientation – multiple areas that are typically overlooked in their contribution to low back and spine problems. I highly recommend the SITTS support device to ergonomics consultants, individuals in need of comfort and ease while sitting, as well as a tool for therapists to optimize a platform base for transitional movement, dynamic balance, and transfer training – to reduce the deteriorating effects of our sit culture.

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