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I have chronic back pain and a full time desk job – a very bad mix. I have tried different chairs, positioning, added foot rests, back supports, without relief. I recently read about the benefits of using a wedge cushion on the seat of a chair. By doing so, it aligns your body so that the shoulders stack over the hips, relieving pain. I tried two other wedge cushions before I found the SITTS cushion. They were worthless as the cushions sank to almost nothing once I sat on them (for reference I am 5’3″ and 115 lbs.) Then I found the SITTS cushion – it has made a remarkable difference in my comfort during a long day of sitting. I purchased the 4″ cushion. I would suggest flipping this cushion to the “wrong” side as the “right” side has a hard edge along the top, which is where you sit. I also purchased the foam topper, which helped soften the cushion a bit, and made it less slippery. Deborah Lee has made a quality product that really works. I have called her for advice on cushions & the topper and she was very helpful and genuinely concerned that I would have the best experience with her product.

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