Posture Cushion | 3.25″ Integral Skin

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  • Both Sides can be used, with or without tailbone release, up to user switch the cushion cover around
  • Superior comfort and pain relief for office chair, car seat, plane or wheelchair
  • Contoured rounded shape reduces pressure on the coccyx, tailbone, legs and hip bones while sitting
  • Patent designed pillow design promotes healthy weight distribution, blood circulation, posture and spine alignment
  • Assists in the treatment of lower back pain, pre-post surgery pain, and repetitive injuries
  • Washable Integral Skin allows for easy cleaning and easy access, and unique buttery texture feels incomparable to other brands
  • See FAQ for sizing information

Additional information

Weight 2.10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 3.25 in

8 reviews for Posture Cushion | 3.25″ Integral Skin

  1. Sara A.

    “AMAZING DEVICE!! This cushion has been wonderful for my whole family. I got one for my dad, my grandfather and myself. I travel for work and would tend to “fidget” due to my hips aching after an hour or so of driving. Once I got the SITTS cushion, driving has become a breeze! I no longer get sciatic pains down my legs and I don’t have to stop to stretch anymore.

    My grandfather using his on his push cart walker. He says he can sit when ever he wants to now, comfortably, instead of just sitting on the 1 inch cushion that the walkers come with. My grandfather calls it his “fancy” seat!
    My father swears by SITTS cushions and it has not only saved his achy legs, but it saved his favorite recliner too!! My mother after years and years of watching my fathers favorite recliner decline has been threatening to “toss the old gal” (the recliner of course”, but now my dad says she is “good as new” and my mother can no longer put her out to the curb.
    Thanks SITTS for an amazing product!!! My family loves them and now I know what I’m getting everyone else for Christmas this year!!”

  2. Regular Guy

    Love my SITTS! Works as advertised… Saved me a lot of actual pain. …I have 4″ for couch and 3.5″ for office chair, thickness suits relative amount of cushion per each.

  3. Prentice Hanes

    I have been sitting on the 3.25″ for 3 weeks now and I am really liking it! My chair and desk are not very ergonomically sound, and I was finding myself slouching a lot throughout the day. This was causing discomfort in my lower back and hip, as well as my chest (from being hunched over). The pad definitely allows me to sit up straighter with less effort, and has been a big improvement for long days behind the computer screen.

  4. Amber Marie

    This is a great product!!! I spend long hours in the car and I purchased this with the lumbar support cushion. Together, they make a great team!! I love that the cushion provides support and makes it easier to sit correctly on those long drives. I’ve noticed that I get less stiff after a long car ride – usually, it’s hard on my back to sit that long, but with this, I’ve noticed an improvement. The material is very durable and I feel like it will last a long time. It’s easily moved from car to office chair and back, and I find it very comfortable. Grateful to have found this and I have recommended it to friends! Thank you.

  5. Greentree

    Great support. Have compact car. Drivers seat is like sitting low in a pocket.
    Only issue is seat is not wide enough side to side to fit over the pocket. So seat slides around when getting in & out of car. Gave workmanship & firm support 5 stars.

  6. Vela

    I’ve had two lumbar fusions; the first was completely botched leaving me with misplaced hardware and one screw broken off inside my left SI and suffering considerable chronic pain over the past eleven years. I’ve been through many “support” cushions that simply do not help for one reason or another. I now own four SITTS cushions because they are that good. I have a 4″ in the car, a 3.25″ for my office chair with a 4″ firm to rest my feet on, and a 2.5″ for chairs with a smaller incline. Their shape and angle lets my legs relax forward and places my spine in a natural curve, the material is the perfect combination of soft firmness; they don’t squish flat, they yield yet hold their shape. No, this is not a paid review, these cushions have truly changed my life. Special thanks to the owner Deborah, she really cares about her customer’s well-being and always happy to help with questions and concerns

  7. J.M.

    I am 73 years old and suffer from stenosis. With the help of SITTS I am able to find some relief while sitting.

  8. Mac

    I’m very happy to report that at this very moment I am sitting on the 3.25″ cushion and it is providing relief and filling the “hole” in my office chair at work. I am working and writing from a drilling rig in the North Slope oil fields of Alaska. These cushions are very well designed. Once I started using them, I was hooked. The designer and company owner did a great job making sure I had the firmness of cushion I needed. She even delayed sending two of the cushions until they were manufactured to her standards.
    The only downside is that the newly manufactured cushions off-gas for quite a long time, but if you are patient the smell does eventually disappear.
    Though I liked the buoyancy of the 4″ cushion that was sent to me initially, both the 2.5″ and 3.25″ cushions have proven their value over the last two months. I’ve used them in my office chair, at home, in my vehicles and even on the water as I converted my stand up paddleboard to a sit down conveyance for exploring the bays of Prince William Sound. Deb was great to talk to and I look forward to working with her again in the future. Though nothing is 100% effective, I highly recommend these cushions as another tool in the toolbox for keeping bodies as pain free as possible while you go about living life!

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