Posture Cushion | 4″ Integral Skin

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• Reduces pressure on lower, thoracic, and cervical spine and hip bones while driving or sitting
• Designed to fit snugly in a car seat or office chair for maximum comfort
• Releases pressure on the sciatic nerve, under legs, and lower vertebraes with forward
• Tilt address repetitive injuries in shoulders and neck with proper posture
• Promotes healthy weight distribution, posture, and blood circulation
• Patented design works by tilting your hips upright and comfortably floating your spine over the seat. Then can assist in the relief and treatment of lower back pain, sciatica, and shoulder/ neck pain
• Washable Skinned cover allows for easy cleaning and usable in outdoor terrain
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Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 4 in

9 reviews for Posture Cushion | 4″ Integral Skin

  1. Kristine M. Smith, Author

    “I have been using a competitor’s option, BackJoy for more than two years to try to sit properly and stay comfortable. Comparing the two, my new SITTS cushion is far superior in my case. I am absolutely delighted with the results I’m getting with it. I’m SITT-ing pretty again, without pain! My back, arms, neck and shoulders thank you to the moon and back!”

  2. Kero

    Great cushions. I am using 2 different sizes for different chairs and chose the original fabric covered cushions with the covers. The lift is helping my neck and body feel better. Great neck relief! Well, all over relief really.

  3. Sophia A.

    Very helpful for achieving the correct sitting posture, and well made. I have been looking for an angled sitting cushion that does not place pressure on my hamstrings. The shape of this one frees my legs from being jammed while sitting on most other cushions and chairs. I am excited about working to get used to it and getting better from years of progressively worsening hip, leg, and foot pain – as well as back pain.

  4. Tatiana Proctor

    I have owned a SITTS Posture Cushion for 6 months now and I use it every time I work on the computer (8 hours every day) It’s a nice cushion and helps to keep my back straight.

  5. E. Adams

    Finally — a well designed, comfortable, and effective wedge cushion! Several things I deeply appreciate about this cushion. First, it works! I’ve been using mine for a little over a week and it’s making a noticeable difference in my sciatic pain. I’m beyond grateful. Second, unlike most wedge cushions, this one is designed so the back of your legs aren’t pressed into it. Third, it actually fits in my car seat so I can get the proper angle (knees below hips) when I drive. Fourth, it really is portable. Fifth, it’s fairly firm (the others I tried were too soft/squishy) without being uncomfortable. Sixth, it comes in 3 different wedge heights. I ordered the 2.5″ and just ordered a 3.25″ and a 4″ because different chairs have different angles. My back issues are degenerative, so this is part of my focus on postural correction to help minimize problems down the road. Thank you SITTS Perfect!!!

  6. Lori Laws, wheelchair user

    Works great for wheelchairs. I found this product by accident, and I’m glad I did! I am a wheelchair user and I’ve had caused back pain (especially while lying down) and I had to use a coccyx cushion due to tailbone pain. All because of poor posture. After using the cushion for a little while, my back pain is no more. Thank you, Sitts!

  7. BJS

    I have chronic back pain and a full time desk job – a very bad mix. I have tried different chairs, positioning, added foot rests, back supports, without relief. I recently read about the benefits of using a wedge cushion on the seat of a chair. By doing so, it aligns your body so that the shoulders stack over the hips, relieving pain. I tried two other wedge cushions before I found the SITTS cushion. They were worthless as the cushions sank to almost nothing once I sat on them (for reference I am 5’3″ and 115 lbs.) Then I found the SITTS cushion – it has made a remarkable difference in my comfort during a long day of sitting. I purchased the 4″ cushion. I would suggest flipping this cushion to the “wrong” side as the “right” side has a hard edge along the top, which is where you sit. I also purchased the foam topper, which helped soften the cushion a bit, and made it less slippery. Deborah Lee has made a quality product that really works. I have called her for advice on cushions & the topper and she was very helpful and genuinely concerned that I would have the best experience with her product.

  8. Diva Girl, Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Trainer

    Great product. A must have. Everyone sits. As a senior Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Trainer, I can verify that this truly makes all the difference in the world aligning your spine and head over your sitz bones. Posture is the key in all dynamic positions; standing, sitting, etc. This fusion keeps one from slumping at the chair, which causes neck and back pain, head postured forward, migraines, eye strain, you name it. A must have for all.

  9. Dr. Craig Cheple

    In my Chiropractic office, I took two seated x-rays of a low back … one with and without sitting on the product. We were able to demonstrate a positive response to better posture while using a SITTS cushion. For better posture while seated, I recommend this product.

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